9Nm Simforce Steering System

Included in the Kit:

  • Mige 80ST M04025 Motor
  • SimuCube/IONI Pro Controller
  • SimuCube Firmware
  • 48V 360W PSU
  • SR2 Control Box
  • 1.5m pre-terminated motor cables
  • USB Cables with Ferrites
  • Country specified power cable
  • STR Motor Mount
  • 70mm PCD Wheel Drive Plate
  • Unlimited telephone support

£662.50 ex VAT including UK Delivery

9 Nm OSW based Direct Drive Steering System
Powered by the trusted Simucube/IONI combination this direct drive system is based on the smaller 80 series Mige Motor but don't be deceived by its size it can still pack a punch you will be pleasantly surprised,
its performance easily surpasses any belt drive system at a similar price

It has the same accuracy and detail of the larger systems but in a smaller package only 4 Kg which means that it can be fitted to almost any simulator

The control box also has ADC and Button inputs for pedal sets and button boxes freeing up your USB slots!

The kit includes

Our own compact control box measuring only 225mm x250mm x 77mm with active silent cooling
Mige 80ST Motor
80ST Motor Mount
Drive lock and 70mm PCD drive plate (fits most steering wheels)
Motor Cables
USB Cable with ferrite
Country specific power cable

Simforce 9Nm Review