Simforce OSW Steering System Pro Kit

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Silent Active Cooling

Mige ST130 M10010

Shielded Cables

22Bit BISS-C Encoder 4,194,304 CPR

2 Year Warranty

Compact Control Box

Driven by the Granite Devices Simucube/IONI combination in our opinion there is nothing that comes close, when combined with the Mige 130ST-M10010 Servo Motor the track/tyre feedback is incredible, every bump ripple loss of traction is transmitted to the wheel in High Fidelity Force Feedback

BISS-C 22Bit Absolute Encoder (4,194,304 CPR)
Tough Laser Cut mild steel Enclosure fitted with robust industrial quality sockets fully isolated from the SimuCube (no risk of damaging the delicate mini USB sockets)
Powerful UK Designed single 480w (48v 10A) PSU specifically designed for Servo Motors
Fused Input
IONI Pro Motor Driver
40mm Quiet Case Fan
Rubber isolation feet
Red Power LED (custom colors on request)
Grounding Point