OSW Std Kit

£978.00 inc VAT


Silent Active Cooling

Mige ST130 M10010

Shielded Cables

22Bit BISS-C Encoder 4,194,304 CPR

2 Year Warranty

Compact Control Box

Bluetooth Support

Bluetooth Enabled OSW based Direct Drive Steering System

This direct drive system is the most powerful in our range, based on the 130 series Mige BLDC this motor will provide all the feedback force you will ever need

Using the SimuCube/IONI this is without doubt the most advanced system available

The control box also has ADC and Button inputs for pedal sets and button boxes freeing up your USB slots!

The kit includes

Our own compact control box measuring only 225mm x250mm x 77mm with active silent cooling

Mige 130ST Motor

130ST Motor Mount

Drive lock and 70mm PCD drive plate (fits most steering wheels)

Motor Cables

USB Cable with ferrite

Country specific power cable

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