Simucube Wireless Button Plate Module

£54.00 inc VAT


Easy Pairing

Long Battery Life

Compatible with SC1 and SC2

Up to 28 devices

DIY Simucube Wireless Button Plate Module

Allows the use of existing or self built steering wheels and button boxes with the range of
Simucube Direct Drive wheel systems

Compatible with both the Simucube2 and Simucube1 the SC1 requires a wireless receiver upgrade see details here

Connect up to 28 input devices wirelessly to Simucube force feedback controller.
Button inputs and encoders in 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4 modes are supported.
Incredibly low energy consumption. batterys could last over 3 years on daily hard-core use.

The module functions are pre-programmed by us before dispatch
Please use the contact form stating your requirements

Please supply the following :
Number and type of encoder upto 5 encoders can be used (please check compatibility)
Number of buttons

A wiring diagram will be supplied showing all connections